How To Set Up A Google Play Account On Your Android Smartphone

How To Set Up A Google Play Account On Your Android Smartphone

A Google Account is a user account that is required for access, authentication and authorization to certain online Google services, including , Google+ , Google Hangouts and Blogger A wide variety of Google products do not require an account, including Google Search , YouTube , Google Books , Google Finance and Google Maps However, an account is needed for uploading videos to YouTube and for making edits in Google Maps. There's more than just a yellow star at your disposal. If you click the gear symbol and then go to "general," you can scroll down and see "stars." There you'll see 6 different colored stars and 6 other symbols. You can choose to use 1, 4 or all of the different symbols to categorize your emails. Make sure to "save changes" when you're finished.

Step 7. Enter Your Mobile Phone Number. For gmail account sign up account verification and security notification you will be asked to enter your Mobile telephone number. Gmail will send you verification codes sometimes when they see you have logged in from a device that is not typical for your usage.

10 Gmail innovations - Storage: Gmail initially offered 1 GB of storage, which was massive at the time. The standard, from competitors like Hotmail, had been around 2-4 MB. Cloud storage now lets Google offer 15 GB of free storage across its services, meaning users never have to delete an email if they don't want to.

gmail is very happy to help to its is true that the developers are working restlessly to develop Gmail with new features and to solve any type of query within time limit. Gmail is the perfect email service than any other but success is never a guaranteed need to work to achieve perfection. So does Gmail. But minimum technical faults might occur sometimes. So what? Simply go to the Gmail Help page and Report the problem” with only indicates that Customer Service of Google is ultra-fast and people sitting there on the other end of the monitor is always happy to assist you in any way possible till you are fully satisfied.

Step 6: Establish reliable computer. If you're using a personal computer, you can tick into the box Trust this computer so that the Gmail's login later on this machine will not be required 2-step verification anymore and vice versa. Click Next to continue.

The rollout of a suite of new email security services follows a U.S. presidential election last year shaped in part by the disclosure of emails belonging to associates of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton that were obtained through phishing schemes.

Please note that this is a brief departure from our regularly scheduled branding and marketing content, but we thought a quick post on productivity might be worth the deviation. We've rounded up six Gmail labs and features that save our sanity around here, and we thought you might want to check them out.

3) In the first field you'll see, you'll have to enter your Gmail username. In the second field you'll have to enter your Gmail password. It's important that you use the same information that you've used during the Gmail sign up process. Click the ‘Gmail sign in' button in order to be logged in to your account.


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